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2014 Honda CR-Z: 5 Reasons to Buy – Video

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for information on a newer Honda CR-Z, we’ve published an updated review: 2016 Honda CR-Z Review.


Some hybrid cars won’t ever be mistaken for anything else. The 2014 Honda CR-Z, on the other hand, is a sport coupe — and it just happens to be a hybrid, too. If you thought hybrid efficiency and driving enjoyment were mutually exclusive, the CR-Z is out to prove you wrong. Here are five reasons to consider Honda’s hybrid in disguise.

Sporty Handling

If you remember the CRX hatchback from the ’80s, that’s where the CR-Z gets its name, and like its predecessor, it’s pretty fun to drive. The tiny CR-Z only weighs about 2,700 pounds, and its suspension is engineered for responsive handling. You don’t get the chance to drive a truly nimble, lightweight car very often these days, let alone one that runs on hybrid power.

Spaceship Interior

With just two seats, the CR-Z’s cabin may seem impractical, but once you’re behind the wheel, you’ll feel like you’re in a sports car. The instruments and controls wrap around the driver for an intimate feel, and the digital gauges create a futuristic vibe. Honda paid a lot of attention to detail inside this affordable hybrid, and it’s certainly impressive. See the 2014 Honda CR-Z models for sale near you

Awesome Fuel Economy

Of course, hybrids are all about saving fuel — and the CR-Z doesn’t disappoint. With the manual transmission, the CR-Z gets 38 miles per gallon on the highway and an overall rating of 34 mpg. If you opt for a continuously variable transmission, it gets 39 mpg hwy and 37 mpg overall. Considering that most economy cars don’t even come close to 37 mpg in mixed driving, the CR-Z’s numbers are exceptional for a car that’s so fun to drive.

Three Driving Modes

To optimize your driving, Honda includes three selectable driving modes in the CR-Z. Eco mode will use less gas, while Sport mode will give you instant acceleration and Normal mode is a nice middle ground. You choose, and the CR-Z responds. These modes are features that you would expect in premium performance cars — not in a reasonably priced hybrid hatchback.

Generous Standard Features

Unlike many affordable cars, the CR-Z comes loaded with standard equipment, including alloy wheels, automatic climate control, Bluetooth and a USB port. Step up to the EX trim, and your car will have xenon headlights and an optional touchscreen navigation system — that’s a lot of car for not a lot of money. As sophisticated (read: expensive) as the hybrid power system is, Honda’s still able to justify adding rich feature content, as well.

AutoTrader Says

The 2014 Honda CR-Z is the hybrid for folks who don’t want to stop having fun. If all hybrids were this entertaining, the world would be a better place. Find a Honda CR-Z for sale


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