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2015 Jaguar F-Type R: 5 Reasons to Buy – Video

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for information on a newer Jaguar F-Type, we’ve published an updated review: 2019 Jaguar F-Type Review.


If you haven’t been following Jaguar lately, you may be in for a shock. The subject here is the 2015 Jaguar F-Type R, and it’s a whole new concept of what a Jaguar can be. Jaguars used to be about keeping your teacup steady on the way to the golf course, but the F-Type R is a world-class sports car — with looks to match. Corvette? 911? Those luminaries are on high alert with the F-Type R in town. Here are five reasons to get as much seat time as you can.

Astounding Speed

One surefire way to get attention is to make your car faster than everyone else’s, and that seems to have been Jaguar’s strategy. There are lesser F-Type coupes, as well as a separate roadster lineup, but only the R model gets a 550-horsepower supercharged V8. It’ll get you to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, and the acceleration just doesn’t let up — top speed in this thing is 186 mph. When you pull out to pass at any speed, it’s like teleporting into another dimension. The F-Type R is a wildly fast car.

Demonic Soundtrack

Another thing that sets the F-Type R apart is how it sounds. With a dual exhaust feeding quad tailpipes, the V8 has plenty of room to breathe, and it sounds like pure evil whenever you’re on the gas. You could spend all day just running through the gears with the windows down. World’s greatest exhaust note? The F-Type R is certainly in the running. See the 2015 Jaguar F-Type models for sale near you

Astonishing Handling

Jaguars generally aren’t known for their pinpoint handling, but the F-Type R just might change all that. The main bogey for this car is indeed the Porsche 911, and you can feel that focus on the road. The car responds to steering inputs instantaneously, with no body roll and with massive grip. It’s a precision tool for skilled drivers. And if drifting is your thing, the F-Type R will get sideways at the slightest provocation, yet it’s still amazingly controllable — don’t ask us how we know.

Intimate Interior

Inside the F-Type R, it feels like a real sports car. The driver’s cockpit is separated from the passenger seat, with a wraparound design that puts everything at your fingertips. The seats are supersupportive too, with prominent side bolsters for spirited cornering. And you’ll definitely want to try the 770-watt Meridian sound system — it’ll blow your hair back.

Sizzling Style

This one almost goes without saying. The F-Type R practically oozes curb appeal, especially from the back, where the classy thin taillights meet the 911-like haunches. We see more Aston Martin in this design than Jaguar, and that only heightens the F-Type’s appeal. Jaguars used to be among the most beautiful cars on the road, and with the F-Type R, they’re getting back to business as usual.

AutoTrader Says

What more can we say? The 2015 Jaguar F-Type R is a dream car. Relish every moment you get behind the wheel. Find a Jaguar F-Type for sale


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