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2016 Subaru BRZ: 5 Reasons to Buy – Video

If you’re looking for information on a newer Subaru BRZ, we’ve published an updated review: 2019 Subaru BRZ Review

The 2016 Subaru BRZ is a car that is few and far between these days. It is a true purpose-built sports car with a reasonable sticker. Aside from the Mazda Miata, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything like it. A boxer engine and a lightweight chassis that’s ready for the road make the BRZ a delight for enthusiasts on a budget. Here are five reasons the rear-wheel drive BRZ is the most fun you can have for under $30,000.

Phenomenal Handling

The Subaru team made handling a definite priority with the BRZ, cornering and taking turns just became so much fun. This sport coupe was made to handle better than anything on four wheels, and it shows. The weight balance is perfectly distributed, and the steering just feels precise. The BRZ can drift just as good as its heavier competition. It has athleticism that is really hard to match anywhere.

Proper 6-Speed Manual

The BRZ’s transmission choice includes a very responsive 6-speed automatic. However, if you want to ride in true sports-car fashion, the 6-speed manual is the way to go. The BRZ’s peppy engine makes shifting an absolute pleasure. There is an argument to be had that manual transmissions are harder to find, but in this case, the stick shift is in the spotlight. See the 2016 Subaru BRZ models for sale near you

Driver-Centric Interior

Most good sports cars have a cockpit built for serious driving and the BRZ is no exception. The large, center-mounted tachometer sets a sporty mood, and the grippy seats are ready for any track. Plus, the primary controls are user-friendly and right at your fingertips, leaving you free to focus on the road ahead. Unlike the Subaru WRX, for example, which borrows its interior from the Impreza economy sedan, the BRZ has its own unique style.

Capable and Efficient Engine

Although the BRZ’s four cylinder engine makes a modest 200 horsepower, it only weighs 2,800 pounds, so you still can go from 0 to 60 in under 7 seconds. If that isn’t enough, there are numerous aftermarket turbo kits available. And if you’re driving sedately, it returns up to 30 miles per gallon with the manual and 34 mpg with the automatic. Very impressive numbers for a sports car.

Grown-Up Styling

Subaru’s other performance car is the previously mentioned WRX, and it is fair to say that it’s not the most subtle car in its class. But the BRZ’s restrained styling is fit for any occasion, whether you’re turning hot laps or cruising the town. It’s a car that’s exudes confidence in its abilities, and it doesn’t need to tell the world how good it is. That means you’ll generally fly under the radar, albeit with plenty of appreciative waves and nods from people who know their cars.

AutoTrader Says:

The 2016 Subaru BRZ starts under 30,000 which is a value that is hard to match. A tempting price to get into a legitimate sports car. Find a Subaru BRZ for sale


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