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The Coolest Exotic Cars You Can Buy Today

If you’re searching for a new car, you’re probably thinking about fuel economy, ride comfort and practicality. But have you ever just wanted to throw caution to the wind, log off that website with in-depth reviews on car seats and search for cool exotic cars instead? Of course you have, even if it’s only when you’re buying a lottery ticket on a day when the jackpot gets really high — so high that various websites remind you that your chances of winning are about the same as your chances of becoming a desk lamp. Still, there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming. Here are the five coolest exotic cars you can buy today.

2016 Audi R8

The newly redesigned Audi R8 may not have the name recognition of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, but it’s still one of the coolest cars on the market thanks to sleek, exotic styling, a futuristic interior with crazy controls, a giant screen in front of the driver and a steering wheel that looks like it belongs in a fighter jet. Oh yeah, and then there’s the performance: 540 horsepower in the base model or 610 horses in the Plus version, with a 0-to-60 mile-per-hour time in the low- to mid-3-second range. And while the R8’s $164,000 base price may seem steep, well, just keep reading.

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2016 Ferrari 488 GTB

Many consider Ferrari’s mid-engine V8 models to be its premier sports cars, combining the head-turning styling you’d expect from a Ferrari with some of the best performance you can get in any vehicle. The latest mid-engine V8 Ferrari is the 488 GTB, which boasts an amazing 660 hp, a lightning-fast dual-clutch transmission and an advanced interior design. The only problem is the price: The 488 GTB starts around $250,000, and that’s before the endless list of personalization options and even a few more-typical extras, such as power seats. Not that it matters: If you want a 488 GTB, prepare to put yourself at the end of a long waiting list that could take years to reach your name.

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2016 Lamborghini Aventador

The amazing Lamborghini Aventador has been out for 4 years now, and yet it’s still just about the coolest car on sale today. Not only is the Aventador’s design unmistakable, but it’s truly breathtaking and able to turn heads from onlookers who couldn’t tell a Honda Accord from a riding lawnmower. It also offers amazing performance, touting up to 740 hp along with the usual supercar basics, including low-slung styling, impossible visibility, virtually zero ground clearance and scissor doors that ensure you’ll make a memorable entrance. Unfortunately, the Aventador also includes supercar pricing, with a starting MSRP somewhere around $400,000 with shipping.

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2016 McLaren 650S

If you haven’t heard of the McLaren 650S, consider it to be a British-built competitor to the Ferrari 488 GTB and entry-level Lamborghini Huracan. If you have heard of the 650S, you probably already know all about its 640-hp twin-turbocharged V8, its amazing styling — inside and out — and its perfectly tuned handling performance. Unfortunately, while the 650S makes a great alternative to the 488 GTB, it’s just as expensive. Prices start above $265,000, and it too includes a long list of desirable options and extras.

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2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S

Now that Mercedes’ famous gull-wing SLS AMG is out of production, the brand has released a more affordable, entry-level exotic dubbed the Mercedes-AMG GT S. Of course, it’s all relative, as the AMG GT S still costs about $131,000 before options, which are plentiful. But that’s a good deal compared to the other cars on this list. And while the AMG GT doesn’t boast the same standout styling as the McLaren or the name recognition of the Ferrari, it still touts a 500-hp V8 and a lightning-quick 0-to-60 time of somewhere in the 3-second range. You know you’re trading in some pretty expensive territory when a Mercedes-Benz is the bargain of the bunch.

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