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Here’s an Amazing Video About the McLaren F1 Ownership Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to own a McLaren F1, this video gives you pretty good insight into the experience. Created by VINWiki — a new startup that’s essentially a vehicle history reporting tool with a social media kick — the video is 8 minutes of former McLaren F1 owner Bruce Weiner talking about the McLaren F1 ownership process. And oh, wow, is it interesting.

The video starts by discussing Weiner’s McLaren F1 acquisition process, which stalled for a year as he and the seller went between $1.2 and $1.3 million. After eventually buying the car (apparently from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu) for $1.2 million, Weiner discovered that the costs don’t end there — and, in fact, they were just beginning.

Although Weiner tells several interesting stories in the video, perhaps the most exciting is the talk of the $50,000 tire change. According to Weiner, the tires on his F1 were considered "expired" by the factory when he purchased it; even though they had only covered a few miles, they were "timed out" and needed replacement. According to McLaren, a new set of tires was $50,000 — split between the cost of the tires and all the other things necessary to install them. What were those things? Well, the tires couldn’t just be mounted and balanced on a standard lift. Instead, they had to be balanced on a race track, meaning Weiner would’ve paid for the tires, plus track rental, a racing driver, McLaren mechanics, insurance and standby medical personnel — all for a tire change.

In the video, Weiner also calls the car "boring" to drive and notes that he didn’t have much use for its impressive performance, since it was far beyond any reasonable legal limits. He also says that out of 1,000-plus cars he’s owned (including a Ferrari Enzo and an entire museum dedicated to microcars), he regrets selling the F1 the most — largely because its value has ballooned since he sold it, to the point where some F1 models have recently sold for $15 million.

If you’ve ever wondered about the McLaren F1, watch the video — it’s worth the 8 minutes. Find a McLaren for sale

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