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Here’s a Great Story About Finding 2 Stolen Lamborghini Gallardos

My friend Ed Bolian runs a app called VINwiki, and a YouTube channel related to the app that tells (often interesting) cool car stories. A recent story that appeared on the YouTube channel was so compelling that it’s the first time I’ve sat down and watched a 12-minute video, in its entirety, in weeks. It’s the story of how this app, and some impressive resourcefulness, found two stolen Lamborghini Gallardos. See the Lamborghini Gallardo models for sale near you

Now, I know I don’t often post things like this or link to non-Oversteer-related videos, but I thought most of you would find this interesting. To start, a little overview of VINwiki: It’s an app that allows you to type in a car’s license plate number or VIN and report a sighting of the car, add in your maintenance records or any other information about the car you might have. This can be especially helpful if it’s your car, and you want to have your maintenance and repair records stored electronically for easy access later.

But there’s also a community on VINwiki who posts images of exotic cars and notes where they’ve seen the cars, and that’s what this story is about. Notably, in the story, Ed — best known for setting the cross-country driving record from New York to Los Angeles — spots a rare Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera in the Atlanta area and discovers that it’s driving around with a fake VIN. Using the VINwiki app, which has a "registry" of most Superleggera models, Ed narrowed down precisely which car it was — and then informed local authorities.

But the story doesn’t end there. Amazingly, Ed was able to convince an employee of a local DMV to give him the car owner’s business address by letting the DMV employee know the car was on dealer plates and he was thinking about buying it. In visiting the dealership, he discovered yet another stolen Lamborghini with yet another altered VIN — prompting the authorities to move in and make the bust.

I’ve outlined the basics of the story, but, of course, it’s far more interesting to hear it from the person to whom it actually happened, which you can do above. This story is also a lesson: In today’s world of cell phone cameras, apps, videos and quick internet searches, you can’t really hide anything. Well, maybe you can hide some things, but not a bright orange Lamborghini. Find a Lamborghini Gallardo for sale

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  1. i am interested in the case that was brought against the “owner” of these Lambos. What all was he actually charged with and where does his case stand now?

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