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Video | 11 Things Everyone Should Have in the Car

When you’re on the road, you never know what kind of eventuality is going to pop up. To stay ready, here are 11 things everyone should always have in the car.

For Car Trouble:

1. Car manual — It may not be a literary page-turner, but this volume of automotive knowledge will tell you everything you need to know about your car.

2. Jumper cables — If your battery dies, these will be your lifeline

3. Small fire extinguishers — In case there are flames inside your car, outside your car or under the hood

4. Comfortable shoes — These will be invaluable if you have to walk a long distance to find help (or gas)

For You-Never-Knows:

5. Toiletry kit — Some basic essentials for if you’re stuck somewhere for a long time

6. Hidden Cash — The backup funds in the event you lose your wallet. Twenty to 40 dollars is a reasonable amount.

7. Blanket — To stay warm in case you break down and it’s cold outside

8. Nonperishable snacks — To keep you nourished in case you break down. A few bottles of water are a good idea, too.

And For Emergencies:

9) External cell phone charger — The last thing you want is a dead cell phone when you need to call for help

10) First aid kit — You never know when someone will need a band-aid or triple antibiotic

11) Whistle — A great way to attract attention from others when you need them to find you

With these items in the car, you’ll have peace of mind, whether you’re driving locally or taking a long-distance road trip. Be safe and be prepared.


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