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Video | 2018 Subaru Legacy: 5 Reasons to Buy

If you’re looking for information on a newer Subaru Legacy, we’ve published an updated review: 2019 Subaru Legacy Review

When you compete with big time names like Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, you have to be on your game. Subaru is one of the most trusted and reliable brands out there. Here are five reasons the 2018 Subaru Legacy is the perfect pick for you.

Starlink System

Up front on the inside is a standard 6.5-inch screen. However, it can be upgraded to an 8-in touchscreen. The available Starlink Safety and Security includes quite a few peace-of-mind features, ranging from an Automatic Collision Notification to finding your car if it’s stolen. With Remote Services, you can — among many other things — lock your car doors with the MySubaru app.

Attractive Style

From the base 2.5i all the way up to the 3.6R Limited, the Legacy is sharp. The 2.5i Sport we tested has LED Steering Responsive headlights, LED foglights and stylish 18-in alloys. The 3.6R Limited receives nice dual stainless steel exhaust outlets. See the 2018 Subaru Legacy models for sale near you

Eye Sight Safety

Coming standard on all but the base trim level is a feature called EyeSight Driver Assist. Essentially, it uses technology to scan the road for unanticipated dangers in front of you. Then, it’ll react for you in case your reaction is too slow, saving you from a possible accident. This feature provides technology that’s well worth the upgrade.

Eco-Friendly Engine

Most will come with the 2.5-liter boxer 4-cylinder rated at 175 horsepower. That’s an efficient engine as well, returning 34 miles per gallon on the highway. For those that desire more power, the 3.6-liter 256-hp 6-cylinder should do the trick. The 3.6-liter returns a decent 28 mpg on the highway, and it’s also good to know that all Legacies will come with standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

Great Value

The Legacy starts at around $22,000, which is fairly reasonable. Also, according to the ALG, it will retain its value better than any vehicle in its class for the year 2017. That’s pretty impressive, considering the reliable talent in the midsize sedan class. The Legacy also has an edge on competitors if you factor in standard AWD. Other carmakers will make you pay a pretty penny to upgrade to AWD, if they even offer it.

Autotrader Says

People trust the Subaru brand, and are extremely loyal to it. Just ask anyone who owns or has ever owned one. So why not see what the hype is about and check out the 2018 Subaru Legacy.

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