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Video | GM Was Brilliant to Bring Back Hummer But Should Also Revive the Typhoon

Much like Hollywood, which is dominated by remakes and sequels, General Motors has decided to troll the world by reviving the long-dead Hummer marque, a brand known for its ridiculously large, gas-guzzling vehicles, except this time, as eco-friendly electric trucks. As an owner of one of these dinosaurs, a 2003 Hummer H2, I applaud this brilliant move — but GM is missing another opportunity to bring back another legend that I also happen to own: The GMC Typhoon.

Announced by GM to return by the 2022 model year with NBA star LeBron James as its marketing spokesperson, Hummer will return as an electric pickup with the same off-road rugged focus of the Jeep Gladiator — except with an all-electric drivetrain. Rather than establishing a new chain of dealerships, these new Hummers will be distributed within the GMC dealership network, and so far, nothing has been leaked of the specs, or even a hint of what the new truck will look like. Given the Jeep Gladiator bears a passing resemblance to Hummer’s last midsize truck, the H3T, designers don’t need very much imagination to create something new.

Personally, I would have no issue with trading in my thirsty V8 for an electric truck platform, but based on other electric products with the ability to tow trailers and haul payloads, diminished range has been a major issue. Another issue stems from Hummer’s look, which — if they stay true to the blocky Hummer heritage that battles wind resistance as well as rolling resistance from the large off-road tires — will be another major hurdle to overcome.

This is where I think GM has an opportunity to revive the GMC Typhoon as well, a platform that seems destined to be electrified. The original Typhoon was born from lowering a GMC Jimmy, attaching a sharp-looking aero kit to the body and fitting the engine with a massive turbocharger. Along with several other performance tweaks, including a full-time all-wheel-drive system tuned for maximum traction, the final product made headlines for its impressive performance at the time, and could easily beat many European exotics in a drag race. While they weren’t bestsellers, the Typhoon and Syclone have since become very collectible.

It would be much easier to create a successful electric vehicle using the Typhoon’s parameters than the Hummer, in my opinion, as a sporty-looking electric SUV with a sub-3-second 0-60 time would make the same headlines as the original Typhoon. Much like the Porsche Taycan being lampooned for its poor range, I can see a similar issue with electric Hummer trucks struggling to get over 200 miles with a charge — but a lowered, sporty-looking small SUV likely wouldn’t be nearly as challenging from an engineering perspective.

Unfortunately, though, GM hasn’t hired me as a paid consultant yet, so this is only a dream. Still, it’s an attainable dream, and I’m sure many of you agree an electric Typhoon is far from the worst idea I’ve ever had. That’s a pretty low bar, though, considering my car history. Find a Hummer for sale or Find a GMC Typhoon for sale

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