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Video | Here’s a Tour of a $200,000 Custom Mercedes Sprinter Van

I recently had the chance to drive a $200,000 version of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It might surprise you to know that such a thing exists, considering that a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter starts at something like $35,000. But it does exist, and I drove it.

So how can you equip a vehicle with a $35,000 base price to $200,000? The answer is simple: customization. And I don’t mean optional extras, or maybe a paint color you like. I mean intense, crazy customization, to the point where the entire vehicle is transformed, and all you have remaining from the original is the front seats and the drivetrain.

Allow me to go through some of the features this van has. For one, in back, there are four separate screens — including two TV screens. There’s a PlayStation 4. There are massaging seats. There’s a bench seat that reclines into a bed. There are cupholders everywhere — for normal drinks, for champagne flutes, for bottles. There’s ambient lighting. There is a starry night sky headliner that can be configured to your whim, thanks to a remote with dozens of buttons that’s there just to control this headliner.

The van also has an absolutely ridiculous air conditioning system that totals 65,000 BTUs. I had no idea what 65,000 BTUs was, and I’m still unclear on exactly what a “BTU” is, but I looked it up and I discovered that 65,000 BTUs is typically what you’d want in a 2,500 square foot home. Well, it’s also in this van.

The reason for the massive air conditioning system goes along with the purpose behind the van: Namely, it’s designed to bring people through the desert. Specifically, vans like this are often used to transport bachelorette parties, or bachelor parties, or celebrities, or birthday parties, or whatever, and they often go to Las Vegas — so the van’s air conditioning system allows it to stay cool all the time, regardless of the temperature outside.

This is very interesting to me, because I’ve never ridden in a van like this, so I didn’t really realize some of the things it can do. For instance, this van has Apple TV. So I was sitting in a van, watching one of my YouTube videos. And theoretically I could’ve been doing this as I drove along, down the street. That’s pretty interesting.

Speaking of driving along down the street, I took the van for a spin and I quickly discovered a bit of a problem with the van, namely the fact that it’s not especially engaging to drive. This is no surprise, as this is an absolutely massive van loaded with an enormous amount of electronics in the back — but, nonetheless, when you’re driving this thing, you don’t feel like you’re having all that much fun. The fun is reserved for the people in the back.

This point is driven home by the fact that there’s a partition between the driver and the fun-havers in back — and the people in back can raise the partition, cutting out the driver from any rear enjoyment. Of course, the driver can also raise the partition in case he or she doesn’t want to put up with whatever’s going on in back. But the point is, a massive Sprinter filled with party stuff is really only fun in one place — and that’s the back.

Of course, you probably already knew that, and this probably isn’t anything especially surprising to you. But, nonetheless, it was interesting to drive around in this massive, ultra-luxury van for a little while — and it was especially interesting to know what’s going on in the back of one of these when you see it driving down the road. Maybe they’re playing PS4. Maybe they’re getting a massage. Or maybe they’re watching Hoovie’s Garage under the starry night headliner. Find a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for sale

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  1. I see the appeal of a Sprinter… It’s diesel engine rewards owners with better fuel economy than most minivans out there.  Sprinters are not immune to rust however.  Older models as seen up here in canada with a lot of rust around the rear doors and fenders.

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