Video | Here’s a Tour of the Midwest Dream Car Collection After the Curator’s Serious Accident

When I first visited the Midwest Dream Car Collection last year, and toured the wide array of amazing cars with its curator, Drew Casper, I was really jealous. This 21 year-old kid had landed the best job in the world, where he could drive anything from a Lamborghini Aventador to a Ford GT, and even some weird cars like a Bricklin and a DeLorean, anytime he wanted. After the tour, I joked that I wished he would die so I could take his place. I didn’t think he would actually nearly do it.

Just days before the grand opening of the Midwest Dream Car Collection, Drew was in a horrible accident at Heartland Park Raceway, a race track I have driven (and filmed at) many times. He was the passenger in a new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 that left the track, which collided with a concrete barrier at high speed and caught fire. Drew survived the accident, but his injuries were serious. In addition to minor burns, a broken collar bone, ribs, and a dislocated shoulder, he had broken his C1 vertebra and suffered serious brain injuries. The spinal injury is better known as "internal decapitation," which kills more than 90 percent of people instantly.

Drew managed to survive the trip to the hospital and surgery that reattached his skull to his spinal cord — but the brain injury kept him in a minimally responsive state. Doctors said it could take six months to a year, if ever, for Drew to make a recovery. I was pretty rattled by this, and depressed by the grim news — but the word "miracle boy" is getting thrown around with his case. A few weeks after the accident, he became more responsive, then progressed rapidly. Just a month after going to the rehab facility, Drew walked out and went home — and he later joined me at the Midwest Dream Car Collection to give a guided tour.

Sadly, Drew missed the grand opening, and he will still need a few more months of rehabilitation before he’s back at work — but it was amazing to walk around looking at cars with a man who almost lost his head (sort of) a little over a month ago. The strange collection of eclectic cars is showcased really well — and the facility also has an electronic self-serve beer fountain, which is sort of like a fancy soda fountain, except with beer. I was told it’s the first of its kind in Kansas.

Eventually, Drew will be back full strength — and other than visiting my friend, I’ll certainly have reason to return. They recently scored a coveted Ford GT allocation, and I’m already begging to make a video about it. Hopefully he says yes before his brain fully recovers and he comes to his senses. Find a used car for sale

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