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Video | Here’s Why the 2020 Porsche Taycan Is the Most Important New Car

I recently had the chance to drive the new Porsche Taycan, which is the new Porsche electric car. Of course, that’s understating it a bit, as the truth is that the Taycan has been highly anticipated for years now, ever since Porsche showed it off as the “Mission E” concept car back in 2015. Well, the real thing has finally arrived, and it’s very impressive.

Right now, there are four versions of the Taycan available. There’s the base model 4S with 520 horsepower and a sticker price of around $105,000, then the 4S with a battery upgrade to 560 hp, then the Turbo with 670 hp, and then the Turbo S — the one I drove — with 750 hp. The Turbo S also has an amazing 775 lb-ft of torque, and it does 0-to-60 in 2.6 seconds. Range is about 250 miles for the base model and about 290 for the version with the highest range.

On paper, there’s some good and some bad there. Range figures are undoubtedly the bad. The longest-range Tesla Model S can do 370 miles between charges, which is a huge boost over the Taycan. But the performance numbers are the good, as 750 horses and 775 lb-ft of torque is truly insane. Unfortunately, the Turbo S model that boasts those figures starts at an unbelievable $185,000 before options, a truly massive number.

But is it worth it? I spent the day with the Taycan in order to find out and while I’ve demonstrated all of the quirks and features in the attached video, there’s more to this car than that. Specifically, it’s incredibly excellent to drive. The steering is fantastically quick, just as you’d expect from a Porsche, and body roll is unbelievably controlled. Indeed, it drives, steers, and corners … like a Porsche. I was expecting some compromise due to the car’s EV status, but it doesn’t appear to have any.

Same deal with acceleration. This car is unbelievably fast. Certainly the first moment where you jam the accelerator is the single fastest I’ve ever felt any car accelerate. It’s deceptive, though, because I’ve been in gas-powered cars that are faster, but none have that instant acceleration hit right from the beginning like something with 775 lb-ft of torque. It blows you back in your seat to an insane degree, and I truly wasn’t expecting it.

Another benefit this car has is its interior quality, which is excellent and truly a step up over Tesla. Although it doesn’t take much to improve on Tesla’s interior quality, this car improves considerably. Then again, it had better, given the price point. A Model S starts around $75,000, and even though I don’t consider the cars especially comparable, many buyers will cross-shop them as they’re the two preeminent electric luxury sedans, so the comparisons are inevitable.

And with that in mind, the big question then is, is the Taycan worth the money? For me, the answer is, it depends. This is the same answer I give for all Porsche models, as they’re always more expensive than the competition. Compared the Porsche Macan to the BMW X3, for instance, or the Cayenne to the Mercedes GLE, and you’ll see what I mean. The reason I say “It depends” is because these cars are undoubtedly better than the competition — but they’re also priced like it, too. So if you’re looking for a car with a better interior, better handling, better performance and a better brand name, this is that — but you’ll be paying for all that stuff. Porsche is never the “value” play.

So that’s the Taycan. I’m really impressed with how nimble it is, how fun it is and how exciting it is and I like the styling and quality. The tech isn’t quite on the level of the best — I just don’t love the center screen functionality, among other things — but this is an excellent car. I think it’s highly comparable to the car I consider to be its closest rival, which is the Mercedes-AMG GT63 4-door. The AMG GT sedan offers better tech and more reasonable pricing, while the Taycan has the cool factor, the brand name and the acceleration. Choosing between those two will be a challenge — but it’s hard to go wrong with either. Find a Porsche Taycan for sale

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Doug Demuro
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