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Video | Here’s Why a Range Rover Limousine Is the Ultimate Luxury Transportation

I recently had the chance to spend time with a Range Rover limousine, which was quite an interesting experience. This was not a factory Range Rover limo — I don’t think such a thing exists — but rather a conversion done after the fact. And let me tell you, it was wonderful.

Here’s the basic gist of my Range Rover limo experience: I borrowed one for the day, and I spent a couple hours in the back seat, checking out all of the quirks and features. There are a lot of them. Then I drove it around for a bit. Now, you can see my experience with its quirks and features in the video that’s attached to the post — but the drive was also rather interesting.

I say that because, well, you’re driving around in a long Range Rover. This causes people to stare at you quite a bit more than you might think, though I noticed the group staring at me the most was people who were driving regular Range Rovers. They were thinking, “How did he get the long one? Could I get that? There’s something more ultimate than mine?” Well, yes indeed there is, buddy — and I’m behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, I’m not in the back seat, which is really the place to be if you’re in a Range Rover limo. I say that because, well, it’s really nice back there, and you have screens and a partition that can block out the driver from your conversation. You also have oodles of leg room, which is sort of the purpose of a limo in the first place. There are also a couple of extra seats in the form of rear-facing jump seats, but they’re not particularly useful unless you want to sit in them on short trips, as their back rests stick straight up. Instead, this is an “executive limo,” intended for one or two people to ride around in the back, happily sipping champagne.

And, indeed, this car would be ideal for that. While it’s interesting to drive, it’s really no different from a standard Range Rover, just longer. But the real fun comes in back, enjoying the experience. And a Range Rover just makes so much sense, as they’ve become the typical modern luxury vehicle, with the growing popularity of SUVs causing the Range Rover to replace the S-Class or the Lincoln Town Car for the luxury vehicle of choice.

Exactly how much is a Range Rover Limo? Figure around $200,000, which is, of course, huge money, but if you want to be whisked around in the private jet version of a car, this is what you want. Well, this and a driver — but for the kind of person buying a Range Rover limo, hiring a driver should be no problem at all. Find a Land Rover Range Rover for sale

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