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Video | I Accidentally Sold My Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon

On Halloween, my little green nightmare on AMG street went off to become someone else’s problem — and despite all the troubles, I’m honestly sad to see it go. After three months of ownership with my 2007 Mercedes E63 AMG wagon, I sold it (well, actually traded it) completely by accident. Before the day was over, I unintentionally sold another recent purchase as well, so it was a weird day.

For those that have been following my unicorn wagon ownership experience so far, I imagine most would be thrilled to be rid of a car that caused this many headaches. After buying it for $13,000 and having it break down on the cross-country drive home, it continued to break — and drain my wallet in the process. In total, I spent $4,000 in repairs, even though the previous owner had spent over $10,000 on upkeep during his two years of ownership — and the owner before him easily spent over $20,000.

Despite pointing out this theme of doom in nearly every video about my E63, I received several emails from viewers seriously wanting to buy it. Clearly I’m not the only crazy person with automotive masochistic tendencies, but this rare AMG wagon is like the siren of Greek mythology, seducing car enthusiasts with an irresistible song. Who doesn’t want a 500 horsepower station wagon that’s also beautiful, extremely comfortable… and a perfect shade of green?

Well, there’s plenty of people who don’t want it but there was one person that I ended up accidentally horse-trading with. After this individual posted that he was looking to trade in a popular car Facebook group, I jokingly offered up my E63 AMG Wagon. The picture I attached, because I really wasn’t serious, was of the AMG being loaded up onto a tow truck. Despite my very poor effort at salesmanship, he messaged me immediately wanting to make the trade. The car he owned happened to be a particular model that I’ve been wanting to buy for years and since both cars are worth roughly the same amount of money, I agreed to the trade.

So today my AMG was loaded onto a truck towards California, and once the shipper returns with my trade, we’ll see if it was a good decision. To give my AMG wagon credit, though, it left the garage without any warning lights and for the past few weeks, it has been behaving perfectly. So maybe I made a mistake cutting the car loose so soon after buying it since it started to act like it wanted to behave.

After the truck left, I went up to visit my mechanic, the Car Wizard, to check on progress with the other projects and while I was there, he begged me to sell him my newly acquired 1993 Cadillac Seville STS. This is despite the fact that he’s an experienced mechanic who is well aware of all the issues and reputation of the Cadillac Northstar engine. Since I’ve recently purchased five cars in the span of two weeks and was a little low on money, I reluctantly let him have my Seville for close to what I originally paid for it.

While selling the Cadillac may seem like an easy decision with so few left in existence in excellent condition, it would certainly be more difficult to replace than an E63 wagon. At least it’s also going to a good home and for once, I sold a car without spending more than it was worth to fix it. I still lost some money but not nearly as much as usual — so that’s progress! Find a Mercedes-Benz E63 for sale

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