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Video | I Bought a 2005 Ford GT

Two years ago, we launched Oversteer, and one of the very first cars we featured was a 2005-2006 Ford GT. In order to film a video with it, I drove all the way to Toronto, and I borrowed it from my friend Zak, who has a very nice one. At the time, there were only two sports cars I wanted: a 2011 BMW 1 Series M, and a Porsche Carrera GT. But then I drove the Ford GT, and I was shocked at how good it was, and how fun it was to drive, and how thrilling and exciting it was — and so, that day, I added a third car to the “someday I want” list: the Ford GT. Now, two years later, I’m happy to report I’ve removed the GT from my “someday” list, because I bought one.

Yes, the Ford GT you see above is a Midnight Blue example with white stripes, and it’s officially mine. I bought it from Karl Brauer, executive publisher here at Cox Automotive, who oversees a lot of the work I do for Oversteer. Karl bought the GT new in 2005, and he picked it up with 7 miles on the odometer. He had the original window sticker. He had the original everything. And the GT’s life has been well documented on Karl’s personal website and elsewhere on the internet — right up until this weekend, when I drove out of Karl’s garage in Orange County, California, and home to San Diego. Karl finally decided to let his GT go because he’s getting the new Ford GT — not exactly an inexpensive car — and because he just bought a Dodge Demon, and he wanted to free up some cash to continue his automotive endeavors.

And that’s where I came in. A lot of car entertainers seem to be buying a lot of crazy and cool new supercars, in some cases almost on a whim — but that’s not me. I’ve wanted the GT ever since I discovered it was actually a good car — ever since I drove Zak’s GT back in 2016. For the last few months, I considered buying one, then decided not to, then considered buying one, then decided not to, about a dozen times. Then I went to Monterey Car Week, I saw a few on the road, and I decided the time was right — I was ready.

So I e-mailed Karl — not to try and buy his car, but for some advice. After all, he’s owned a GT since new, he knows the car inside and out, and he’d be a great resource for anyone interested in GT ownership. He replied: I’m thinking of selling my car. I’ll give you a call shortly. And the rest is history.

Well, not quite. In fact, the rest is just beginning. The car is now inside my garage here in San Diego, and it is, by a wide margin, the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased. This caused me an almost unbelievable amount of stress, and a lot of sleepless nights, wondering if I was ready for the responsibility of a purchase like this: a real supercar, with a real supercar price to match. I’m still not sure if it’s a good financial decision.

With that said, even though the GT is the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought, I suspect it won’t be the most expensive thing I’ve ever owned, as this car is known for maintaining its value. Karl’s window sticker shows an original window sticker of $152,945, and the GT has appreciated quite a bit from there: Some ultra-pristine, low-mile cars have asking prices of around $500,000 on Autotrader. I didn’t pay anything close to that, but this car hasn’t depreciated — and I don’t expect it to depreciate during my ownership, either.

So I’ve covered why I wanted the GT, and where I got it, but I know a big question I’ll get from viewers is: Why didn’t you do a contest where your viewers decide what car you’ll get? This is a good question, because I’ve done exactly that in the past. My viewers pick my car, I drive it for a year, and then I report back on the ownership experience. Why not continue it?

Well, what I learned from that ownership experience is that cars owned by YouTube personalities don’t seem to actually hold the interest of their audience. By the end of my time with my Aston Martin, my videos were getting one-tenth of the views they did in the beginning. It’s the same story with my Dodge Viper, and the other cars I bought at the behest of my audience. And it’s not just me: Tavarish’s famous saga with his Lamborghini Gallardo was getting millions of views when he first started it, but now his videos seem to reach somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000. Hoovie’s Garage, too: Tyler’s video announcing a new car is always popular, but then the views drop as he actually does something with it.

As a result, I knew that if I wanted to buy another “DougCar,” I wanted it to be a car I actually enjoyed. If I didn’t do that, I’d have a problem. Once the internet got tired of it, I’d be stuck with a car my audience chose — and a car I never wanted in the first place. This is what happened with my Dodge Viper, and I barely drove that car after my first few months of ownership, once the views subsided and I got bored with it.

And so, I’ve chosen a car I actually love. I’m going to post frequent updates about it, and I’m going to make frequent videos with it — and it’s going to be my “DougCar,” at least for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure if this will go down as a terrible mistake or as the greatest decision I ever made, but I’m certain that I’m thrilled to own one of my favorite cars — especially in the company of one of my other favorite cars, a 1997 Land Rover Defender 90. I suspect I’ll never get my hands on that ultimate dream, the Carrera GT — but right now, I’m not exactly complaining.

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