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Video | I Wrapped My Cheap Porsche 911 Turbo

I’ve made a wrap video — and no, not "rap" video. It’s a popular theme among car YouTubers, which consists of stretching what should be a 2 to 3-minute video showing how they changed the color of their car with a vinyl wrap into a 10-minute long event. So you have to listen to a ton of babbling, where the YouTuber does everything but show you the wrap until the very end of the video — and by that point, you’ve quit caring. It’s super annoying — and of course, I had to do the exact same thing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a massive event out of it, since I sadly don’t have a posse. I really don’t have many friends — and what few I have wouldn’t bother taking off work in the middle of the day to see a freshly wrapped car. So I ended up taking an Uber to pick up my 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo without any fanfare, but I was certainly very happy. Ever since impulse buying this car, even though I had promised I would never buy another silver 911, I wanted to do something like this.

I got a great deal on this wrap thanks to some friends who recently started wrapping cars, but with an older car, you can’t just put vinyl over it and expect it to look good. Before the giant sticker was applied, I had to spend $600 repainting the front bumper due to rock chips. Additionally, I had some dents popped, but even with all of that prep work, no wrap is going to look perfect on an old car with normal imperfections. Still, I think it looks really good.

So it’s very orange, obviously — and for those who don’t know, this is a very Porsche color. A lot of great Porsche race cars have worn this bright orange — and it’s been a popular special edition color for production cars for decades. My inspiration for this came after seeing pictures online of a 911 Turbo identical to mine painted from the factory in this color, which was offered at a fancy auction in Monaco last year with an estimate of over $200,000. It was otherwise a normal Turbo car like mine, with 48,000 kilometers — and the color alone was the reason for the massive price premium.

Now I obviously haven’t added any value to my $36,000 911 Turbo by doing this, but I really, really like it. Since I’ve taken a New Year’s resolution to not buy any new cars in 2019, this wrap has refreshed this car for me — kind of like I’ve gotten a new orange race car. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the install and the passenger door is stuck closed — so it’s even more like a race car now.

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