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Video | I’m Selling My Acura NSX, Along With Several Other Cars (Maybe)

I’m finally starting to understand how my life is being completely consumed by these horseless carriages I collect — and it’s only getting worse. The first step in fixing any addiction is admitting that you have a problem, and I’m well past that point — but I’m not sure where to go from here.

One positive decision I made was the decision to sell my Acura NSX. I actually listed it for sale, and had been getting a lot of interest. Then someone offered a trade for a broken Ferrari — and I slipped right down that hole again. More on that later — but for the NSX fans out there, I’m sorry to say it will be time to say goodbye very soon. As much as I enjoy the car, it seems the real hoopties are what people like to watch — and I’ve run out of good ideas for NSX video themes.

In today’s video, I also finally count down all of the cars I own — including the 1983 Chrysler Lebaron buried deep in the Car Wizard’s back pasture. Just going over all the needs and repairs with these 16.5 cars was overwhelming — and with a couple of crazy new projects soon to be added to this, it’s insane to think I can hold on to all of them. This is the point where I know that my hoarding issue really flares up, as the thought of selling any of them makes me feel sick.

This wasn’t an issue before, when I owned a car dealership, as part of the rush was not just purchasing an unusual car for a great price — but also selling it for a profit. It now seems those days are behind me, as I now tell the public what I pay for everything — and for some reason, people hate it when someone is making money off a car sale. So when I buy a car for $300, it doesn’t matter that I spend another $3000 making it right — people still want to pay $300. Some are even brave enough to offer less than $300.

So rather than deal with the frustration now of selling (and actually seeing the financial loss realized), I’m just hoarding them. It’s gotten to the point where I ended up renting the other half of a storage barn I’ve been renting space in, and now pay $1300 a month to house several cars are probably worth less than a month’s worth of rent. There are a few other cars that I think I can bring myself to part with — one of which will probably shock everyone — but we’ll see if I can actually go through with it.

If you’re feeling sorry at this point, don’t. Having this problem has created a lot of success in other aspects of my life — and it has opened one very big door that I’m very excited to announce on Friday. I’m finally getting enough enablers where my way of life might actually be financially viable … which is very dangerous. Find an Acura NSX for sale

Tyler Hoover went broke after 10 years in the car business and now sells hamburgers to support his fleet of needy cars. He lives in Wichita, Kansas.

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