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Video | The Lamborghini Huracan Evo Is the Ultimate New Lambo

I recently had the chance to drive the Lamborghini Huracan Evo, and it’s fantastic. This won’t surprise you. The Huracan Evo is the newest version of the Huracan, and it has a starting price of around $260,000 — or more like $285,000 for the convertible version I drove. Of course it’s great.

But I mean that it’s really great. I grew up as a Ferrari enthusiast, always appreciating the relatively “tame” designs (and owners) of Ferrari models compared to the flashy Lamborghinis that seem to be more for show. I kept this belief even after driving cars from both brands. Ferrari makes better, more solidly-built, more impressive cars. I was certain of this. And then I drove the Huracan.

The original Huracan was excellent, with its 600 horsepower, but it wasn’t the straight-line performance that really got me. What really shocked me about the Huracan was its unbelievable steering and handling — at the time, the most precise of any car I’ve ever driven. The 630-hp Huracan Performante somehow managed to focus things even more, creating an even more precise driving experience, and now we have the Evo.

Unlike the Performante, the Evo isn’t a special model: It’s just an evolution of the Huracan, so it’s essentially the new normal if you’re looking to buy a Huracan. The Evo has the same hp rating as the Performante, but it’s a lot less hard-edged. Some of the harsher track-focused stuff is gone, and there’s a new infotainment screen in the middle that brings the Huracan into a more modern age of automobiles.

So now you have better technology, and you also have more power, along with an updated look that further modernizes the Huracan compared to the outgoing model. It may be clear, then, why this is the ultimate Lamborghini, but there’s still more. Unlike the huge Aventador, the Huracan has always felt nimble, and the Evo feels nimbler still. It’s shocking how quickly this car changes directions, and the precision in the steering is truly unmatched for the price point. From Lambo’s closest Italian rival, only the 488 Pista comes close.

Of course, the acceleration is also important. This car now does 0-to-60 in something like 2.7 seconds, which is on the level of the 918 Spyder. Yes, the Huracan Evo I drove is tremendously expensive at $285,000, and it’s even more expensive when you factor in options that push the price north of $350,000. But you’re getting the performance of the 918 Spyder, which is a car that cost $1 million just a few short years ago, and, frankly, still does. Sure, the Huracan is no 918 Spyder in other respects, but it’s monstrously fast.

And, really, it’s monstrously everything. The look is incredibly cool and special, just like you’d expect from Lamborghini. The speed, the steering, the new tech — it’s all great.

The only drawback, in my view, is simply age. Yes, Lamborghini has evolved the Huracan to the point where the new one is highly desirable, but it’s still a Huracan. We’re used to this, and anyone who wants this car pretty much already has one. Sure, the Evo improves things, but it’s just not the same as a new model, and Ferrari seems to have no end to those, with the 458, 488 and now the F8 all coming out within the Huracan’s increasingly long lifespan.

This isn’t to say the new Huracan isn’t great — just that there are some reasons why someone, somewhere, may not want one. Me, I’d have trouble passing up the Huracan Evo, even in the face of newer Ferrari models. It’s just that good. Find a Lamborghini Huracan for sale

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