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Video | The Lamborghini Huracan Performante Is the Best Lamborghini Ever

I recently had a chance to drive a Lamborghini Huracan Performante, which is a sports car with a tremendously long, ridiculous name. It also has a ridiculous shape, in the sense that it looks like a door stop and has a huge wing on the back. It’s kind of a caricature of a supercar. But it is, in fact, a supercar, and when you’re driving it, you forget about all of this stuff. That’s because it’s amazing.

I borrowed this Huracan Performante from Lamborghini Newport Beach, which is a rather large Lamborghini dealer that had — and I’m completely serious about this — an LM002 sitting out front with surf boards mounted on the roof. You know you’re in a great place when there’s an LM002 surf vehicle on the grounds.

So, anyway, I borrowed the Performante, and it was just amazing. Before I get into that, though, I want you to know something about me: I’m a Ferrari guy. I love Ferrari, I owned a Ferrari, I always wanted a Ferrari when I was a kid, and Lamborghini was never really my thing. The cars were too flashy, too showy, too ostentatious and outrageous. And I still feel that way. But the Performante is so good that I just don’t care.

Here are the basics: The regular Huracan has a 575-horsepower V10; the Performante, which is the “performance” version (a performance version of a supercar!) has 630 hp and loses about 90 pounds over the regular one. I loved the regular Huracan, and I’ve always considered it one of the very best exotic cars, so I figured the Performante would be a step up. I also figured it would be raucously uncomfortable and annoying, as these supercar “performance” versions often are, and I would hate every minute I spent inside of it. I was wrong.

The thing about the Huracan is that it just checks every single box. It handles better than basically anything I’ve driven short of a 918 Spyder, including its Ferrari competition. It looks cool. It’s incredibly nice inside, to the point where the interior materials rival the finest luxury vehicles — even if it’s not quite as comfortable. Or, really, even if it’s not in the same realm of “comfortable.” It’s just a really competent car that also happens to be a really good supercar. There’s no way around it: it’s amazing.

And, indeed, the Performante is more amazing. Priced from around $275,000, which is around $75,000 more than the base-level Huracan, the Performante is indeed better in little ways: It feels a little faster, a little more stable. It doesn’t feel sharper in corners, because I don’t think it’s actually possible to improve on the Huracan in that particular metric. But it’s a slight boost over the Huracan in terms of driving experience, and, frankly, the Huracan is a slight boost over everything else in terms of driving experience. This thing is just the best Lamborghini ever.

The big question, however, is “is it worth it?” and the answer is obviously no. For an extra $75,000, you won’t notice most of the differences over the standard Huracan, which is something you can’t say about, for instance, the GT3RS, which is dramatically better than a regular 911 if you want serious performance. So I, personally, wouldn’t get a Performante. Instead, I’d just get a Huracan. To me, it doesn’t matter much what you get: Each time you drive it, you’ll be rewarded with the sharpest, crispest, most direct steering within $500,000 of this price point, along with explosive power, an amazing engine note and an interior you don’t have to make compromises for. The Huracan might just be the perfect supercar, which would make the Performante the perfect supercar for people who want their “perfect” to be a little more perfect than everyone else’s.

Either way, Huracan or Performante, one thing’s for sure: it’s better than the 488. It sounds better, handling is a bit sharper, the interior is a bit nicer and it just feels more polished. It’s hard to imagine me saying this, the Ferrari fan that I am, but I’d take the Huracan. And if I had endless money, I’d take the Performante.

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