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Video | My Car Buying Reality Show Is Finally Coming to Television!

Over a year ago, my compulsive buying tendencies were exploited to the brink when I filmed a reality show very appropriately named “Car Issues.” A camera crew followed me around the country, documenting the process of me purchasing 24 cars spanning six months. After we finished filming, a strange set of circumstances had me wondering if my show would ever make it to air.

The whole situation of getting a reality show in the first place was unusual, and I documented it a year ago here on Oversteer. But to summarize, a cold email that I nearly dismissed as spam eventually led to a meeting in California. Once we came up with a concept, I signed a deal, and the production company began pitching the concept to media groups. Fairly quickly, the show was picked up by Verizon’s Go90 streaming platform, which ended up funding the entire project. Unfortunately, Verizon soon decided it didn’t want to be in the TV business anymore — and they completely shut down their streaming service shortly after we finished shooting.

This left us with a completed (and fully paid for) reality show without a home, and the representatives at Verizon gave us the ability to broker the rights to air the show on other networks. This was a slow process, since we were pitching the project all over again — but having a completed, polished product certainly helped. And, luckily, the folks over at the FYI network were interested. I flew out to Las Vegas during SEMA to meet their executives, along with some of their other TV personalities like Courtney Hansen from “Overhaulin'” fame, and Danny Koker from “Counting Cars.” They were launching a new block of shows completely devoted to car enthusiasts — and they felt my show was a great fit.

Unlike most other car based shows, though, I don’t do any car flipping on camera, or any serious mechanical repairs or restorations. The format isn’t too different from my YouTube channel, where I buy something new, do fun things with it, and often end up breaking it. This usually results in me limping the car over to my mechanic, The Car Wizard, where I document the repairs. Unlike my YouTube channel, though, where I stretch this process out over half a dozen videos, the entire journey on “Car Issues” from start to finish is only 11 minutes long for each car.

So it was an incredible amount of work and travel for these short little episodes, which are my tributes to the great “Top Gear” cheap car challenges of old — and I’m thrilled that it’s finally seeing the light of day. A few of the cars I bought on the show have found their way over to my YouTube channel, but most will be a complete surprise. Some of the cooler cars I snagged for the show included a heavily modified Fox Body Saleen Mustang, a Buick Grand National, a Porsche 944 Turbo, a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, a Dodge Viper and a military Hummer. For the car enthusiast that wastes hours online shopping for affordable classics, and wonders what it’s like to actually pull the trigger, “Car Issues” documents exactly what happens.

I had no problem finding 24 interesting cars to buy and go on adventures with — and, hopefully, “Car Issues” does well enough after it premieres on the FYI channel June 8th at 10 p.m. that I get to do more. If nothing else, it captured a moment in my life when I was completely unhinged, and had the ability to explore the depths of my insanity for cars. We didn’t find the bottom of my automotive masochism, but it was certainly the closest I’ve ever been. Find a Dodge Viper for sale

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  1. I’m guessing i49 autos is regretting selling you the saabaru with the blown head gasket at this point. The negative publicity will cost them far more than any repair. 

  2. Really looking forward to the show this weekend.  I’ll definitely be watching.  So, are there one or two cars per episode?

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