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Video | My First Repair in My Dream Garage Is Fixing the GMC Typhoon

As I’ve said before, my garage is more like an impressive display to my infinite stupidity, and not much of a place where actual wrenching takes place. That’s why it took me longer than it should have to find a Phillips head screwdriver to do my first ever repair in my new garage with my GMC Typhoon. I was hoping that fixing this one item myself would make it so perfect that my mechanic, the Car Wizard, couldn’t find a single flaw. I was wrong.

When I purchased my Typhoon in San Francisco a few weeks ago, it broke almost immediately when I tried to use the climate control system. The mode selector for the air-conditioning decided to break apart inside the dashboard, so I had to spend the entire vacation without heat or air-conditioning. Still, I wasn’t that mad, since the climate in Northern California is fairly mild, and the Typhoon performed flawlessly throughout the trip. This was a welcome relief, since most of my recent purchases have turned into major projects.

In the video above, I stumble my way through the repair with my more handy friend and fellow YouTuber, John Ross, who has a lot more time on his hands after getting fired from his job for YouTubing too much. Swapping the climate control took about 10 minutes, which is about the limit of my attention span, and finally, I had working air conditioning again. I couldn’t wait to get it up to the Car Wizard’s lair and show him a car that wouldn’t net another yacht payment.

With my Toyota Previa back in business after a new head gasket, the Wizard has been focusing on my Porsche 911 Turbo, which is starting to look like an engine again. He expects to have it back in the car next week, when he also plans to start the second round of repairs with the DeLorean. After spending thousands on my Mercedes-Benz E63 wagon, only to have the check engine light return, the Wizard has discovered my intake manifold gaskets are leaking, and is starting to tear that apart, as well. So it’s safe to say I’m keeping the Car Wizard pretty busy, and that’s why I was so happy that my Typhoon didn’t seem to have any problems.

Unfortunately, it took the Car Wizard mere seconds after putting my funky GMC truck on the lift to discover leaks from the oil cooler lines and front differential — the latter of which he estimated to be a $1000 job. He was still impressed with the overall condition, especially considering its age, and the leaks are not things that need to be taken care of urgently. That’s a good thing, since my current projects will probably keep him busy through the rest of the year.

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