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Video | New Year’s Resolution: No New Car Purchases in 2019

Clearly, things got a little out of hand in December. I managed to buy seven cars in one month’s span, two of which I haven’t even made a video with yet — and I have buried myself (figuratively, not literally like I did in my Land Rover Range Rover) with three serious projects. With over 20 cars now in my hooptie fleet and growing exponentially, something needed to change. That’s why I’ve resolved myself in 2019 to not purchase another car — for the entire year.

Considering my entire YouTube channel is built upon buying a car every single month, this could be disastrous, but I’m not that worried. This is mostly because my current fleet is the closest to a “Dream Team” that I could ever assemble for myself. I know sorting out the various issues, and the endless adventures I can have with them will provide plenty of interesting content for 2019. My current video model has me treating each car like a flavor of the month, then forgetting about it once the latest purchase arrives. Despite YouTube ad revenue being super generous, it can’t support a ridiculous buying habit like this.

So I will do my best to not purchase a car this year, which is already proving painful, as I recently passed on a $900 Isuzu Vehicross — and I’m sure there will be even more tempting prospects as the months go by. Still, I can’t see myself getting too bored with cars like my McLaren MP4-12C (with a bad transmission), along with my 2007 BMW M5 (also with a bad transmission), and, of course, my DeLorean (yup, bad transmission as well). At least I’m consistent …

In the video above, I give an update on all the cars in the fleet, but I kept my thoughts on each car at under 280 characters — a tweet of information on each car. A few are missing, like my 2012 McLaren that’s still in New Jersey awaiting a new transmission — and I’m not sure where my Subaru SVX went. A friend took it to get fixed about four months ago, and I haven’t seen it since. I’m sure it will turn up at some point.

Speaking of bad friends, some have already started a betting pool on how long my resolution will last — and despite never following through on a New Year’s resolution before, I am going to try really hard with this one. I’ve already started substituting my nightly ritual of shopping for cars with a nightly ritual of shopping for boats. I never said I wouldn’t buy a boat in 2019 …

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  1. You paid 80 grand for a money pit rolls but passed on a $900 vehicross which is a guaranteed future classic. What? Do you have water on the brain?

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