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Video | Tyler Hoover and Doug DeMuro Talk Cars They Expect to Increase in Value

Today, Tyler Hoover and Doug DeMuro are back to talk more about cars, and in this case, Hoovie and Doug are discussing modern vehicles that they expect will increase in value in the coming years.

Doug starts the conversation off by bringing up the resurgence in popularity of old-school SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Wagoneer and Ford Bronco. Both he and Hoovie agree that we’ll likely see this trend continue in the coming years, although there’s a disagreement over whether the Hummer H2 and first-generation Cadillac Escalade will follow suit.

Next, Doug brings up the Porsche Carrera GT, examples of which already command upward of three quarters of a million dollars, but he suspects values will go up even further, citing how it’s arguably the pinnacle of combustion-engined sports car engineering.

Hoovie then turns the conversation to American muscle and suggests that early Dodge Vipers will soon sell for more than they do currently, although both agree that the Viper won’t see the astronomic rise of more exclusive supercars given just how many Dodge produced.

Other vehicles, like the Honda S2000 and Mercedes-Benz models from the 1990s come up in conversation too.

Any big ones they missed? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The first generation Toyota MR2 is starting to climb in value. I’ve been a big fan of these little cars for a long time and today clean early examples (85-86) are really tough to find and they are commanding 5 figure prices when they used to be in the $3k to $5k range. I think they have more room to appreciate and I doubt a nice well sorted example will ever lose any value. 

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