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Steelers QB Leftwich’s HUMMER H2: For Sale on AutoTrader

  • NFL QB Byron Leftwich owned this H2
  • Leftwich was the SUV’s original owner
  • It’s now for sale in New Jersey

It’s easy to feel like a celebrity while you’re driving a boldly styled vehicle like this brawny 2004 HUMMER H2 SUV. But for shoppers who want an especially exotic ride, this low-mileage example of the full-size SUV offers a particularly glamorous driving experience. That’s because in addition to a unique color and impeccable maintenance history, it was originally owned by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich.

According to Kenny, the H2‘s current owner, Leftwich gave the vehicle to a friend several years after being drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2003. The quarterback, who bought the HUMMER new, drove it only sparingly before passing it along, as did the next owner. Kenny also rarely drove the SUV, resulting in an odometer reading of less than 25,000 miles — or just over 3,000 per year since the H2 was new.

“The truck is perfect,” said Kenny, who regularly maintained the H2 after purchasing it from Leftwich’s friend in Jacksonville. “I wouldn’t hesitate to call it the best HUMMER on the planet.”

And while those are strong words, photos of Leftwich’s former H2 seem to prove Kenny’s point. In addition to a clean interior and exterior, the H2 features a long list of upgrades ranging from several in-car television screens to custom speakers, a PlayStation 2 with wireless controllers, an upgraded navigation system and a rearview camera — all added by Leftwich. The H2 also includes a unique Titanium Silver exterior finish, which the football star ordered when the truck was new.

While Kenny never met Leftwich, it’s likely that the quarterback excitedly purchased the H2 with a signing bonus upon graduating from Marshall University in 2003. Following three years with the Jaguars, Leftwich played for the Atlanta Falcons before signing on with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he backed up star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. After a short stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Leftwich returned to the Steelers, where he again backed up Roethlisberger during the team’s unsuccessful 2011 Super Bowl run.

According to Kenny, he’s forced to sell the immaculate H2 due to a pending divorce, noting that he would otherwise “keep it forever.” And while the SUV’s list price of $49,999 is steep for an H2, this example offers low mileage, several upgrades, and, best of all, a celebrity ownership history that will give the next owner a great story to tell while impressing friends with the tricked-out Hummer.

What it means to you: Buyers looking to enhance the exciting experience of HUMMER ownership will enjoy this low-mileage SUV with a celebrity history.

Interested in Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich’s HUMMER H2? Tell us in the comments below.

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