1993 Eagle Cars

After the old American Motors Corporation (AMC) was dissolved by its parent company Chrysler in the late 1980s, it turned into the Jeep/Eagle division. Obviously, Jeep was the SUV brand and Eagle became a brand comprised of economy cars, a sports car, and even a very early example of a crossover SUV, some of which were AMC designs. The more pragmatic Eagle models included the likes of the Vision midsize sedan while the Mitsubishi Eclipse-based Talon spiced things up a bit. The Eagle Summit was a frugal compact and the Summit Wagon could be considered a compact crossover long before the segment exploded in popularity. Eagle only lasted for a little over a decade being phased out before the beginning of the 21st century, but in its brief time on the market, it gave us some fun and interesting cars, some of which are better enthusiast cars than you might expect.

Used Eagle Cars