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Finance Tips

  • If you take out a loan put as large a down payment on the vehicle as you can manage. And pay as much per month as you can possibly budget to keep the length of the loan to a minimum. If you can't put at least 20% down and finance the vehicle for four years or less, then you should buy a less expensive vehicle.
  • Be aware that there are several ways to lower monthly payments, but only a lower interest rate or a lower amount borrowed will lower your total interest expense.
  • If you take out a lengthy loan on a car, refer to the vehicle charts in this book and buy one that will retain a high proportion of its value. This will shorten the time you are "upside down."
  • When is an interest rate not an interest rate? When it doesn't include the "hidden" costs of a loan. All interest rates are not comparable. One rate may include a loan origination fee, and expensive "simple" interest, while another may have no loan fee and cheaper "compound" interest. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a very specific term that factors in any hidden fees and tells you the rate you will actually pay when all fees are taken into account. It is the "apples-to-apples" comparable rate. Lenders are required by law to tell you the APR of your loan. You should use this rate, and only this rate, in your comparisons.
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