Keyword Search Tips

You don't need to type "and."

We'll automatically search for listings with all the keywords you enter.

For example, the keyword search below will show listings with cars that have a spoiler and a Bose® sound system.


Add "or" to search for at least one of your keywords.

To find listings that include any of the keywords you enter, type "or" between the terms.

For example, here's how to search for an all-wheel drive or 4x4 vehicle:


Use quotation marks to find an exact phrase.

If you enter a string of words with quotation marks around them, we'll only search for listings with those exact words in that order.

For example, entering "20 inch wheels" will give you results with the words 20, inch and wheels--in that order.


Separate multiple phrases with commas.

If you're searching on more than one keyword, separate each with a comma.

For example, the keyword search below will give you exact matches for each phrase.


Don't bother with capitalization.

Our searches are not case sensitive. You'll get the same results whether you enter "XM Radio" or "xm radio."

Double-check your spelling.

We have a basic spelling checker, but it isn't guaranteed to find every misspelling.

Use Price Range to find specific prices.

Our keyword searches do not include price information. If you want to find vehicles that cost $15,000 for example, enter 15,000 in the minimum field and the maximum field of Price Range.