2019 Genesis Cars

What started out as the Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan evolved into its own premium brand. What used to be the Hyundai Genesis is now the Genesis G80 and the old Hyundai Equus is now the Genesis G90; the brand’s flagship full-size sedan. Adding to the mix of premium sedans is the G70 which is one of the most interesting and exciting luxury sport sedans to come out in a long time. The G70 strikes such a good balance between comfortable luxury and engaging performance that it even gives long-established German sport sedans some serious competition. You’ll notice that Genesis undercuts luxury rivals on price by quite a bit, but don’t let that make you think they’re cheap cars. When it comes to value, Genesis is one of the strongest luxury brands on the market.

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2019 Genesis Cars
2019 G70
18 - 22 MPG City / 25 - 30 MPG Hwy
$34,900 - $52,250
2019 G80
15 - 18 MPG City / 23 - 26 MPG Hwy
$42,050 - $59,500
2019 G90
15 - 17 MPG City / 23 - 24 MPG Hwy
$69,350 - $76,350

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