2010 Mercedes-Benz Cars and SUVs

There are few names in the car industry, or any industry for that matter, that invoke luxury quite like Mercedes-Benz. Strengthening its expression of and association with luxury and refinement over the decades, Mercedes-Benz has built one of the most distinct brand identities in the automotive world. From the beginning, Mercedes-Benz established itself as the pinnacle of automotive excellence and innovation with engineering achievements such as the first four-wheel suspension and the "crumple zone" front body designed to absorb the impact of a crash. Model after model, Mercedes-Benz upped the ante, through the elegant 600 sedan in the 60s and the launch of the S-Class line in the 70s which continues today as one of the finest flagship luxury sedans. The AMG line brings serious performance to the Mercedes-Benz lineup including its many SUVs like the GLE-Class, GLS-Class, and iconic G-Class. The AMG GT is one of the most exciting luxury sports cars out there, but if you don’t quite have the budget for it, every Mercedes-Benz lives up to its luxurious name.

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2010 Mercedes-Benz Cars
2010 C 300
18 MPG City / 25 - 26 MPG Hwy
$33,600 - $37,100
2010 E 350
16 - 18 MPG City / 24 - 26 MPG Hwy
$48,050 - $51,100
2010 GLK 350
16 MPG City / 21 - 22 MPG Hwy
$34,600 - $36,600
2010 ML 350
15 - 18 MPG City / 20 - 25 MPG Hwy
$45,700 - $49,700
2010 R 350
14 - 18 MPG City / 19 - 24 MPG Hwy
$49,300 - $50,800

Mercedes-Benz Certified Program

Mercedes-Benz CPO offers a Limited Warranty, Roadside Assistance for the life of the vehicle, and - most of all - the pleasure of driving a Mercedes-Benz at an affordable price.

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