1998 Plymouth Cars and Vehicles

In the 1920s, Walter Chrysler realized that he needed a low-priced volume brand to accompany his eponymous luxury brand if he was going to compete with the other big American automakers. That volume brand was Plymouth and it ended up being quite the mover and the shaker in the car industry. It produced some of the most legendary cars of the muscle car era like the GTX, the Hemi ‘Cuda, and the Superbird. In the 1980s, the Plymouth Voyager was introduced as the first minivan. In the 1990s, the Plymouth Prowler came out as a retro roadster with innovative aluminum construction. For all of the brand’s excellence over the years, towards the end of its life, it became little more than a brand comprised of rebadged Dodge and Chrysler models. Plymouth got to a point where it didn’t stand out enough to survive and was shut down in 2001.

1998 Plymouth Cars
1998 Grand Voyager
20 MPG City / 26 MPG Hwy
$20,250 - $22,410
1998 Neon
29 MPG City / 41 MPG Hwy
$11,100 - $11,680
1998 Voyager
20 MPG City / 26 MPG Hwy
$17,540 - $21,415

Used Plymouth Cars