2012 Lotus Evora - Frankfurt Auto Show

While Lotus is working on a wave of new models for the future, the automaker is also intent on keeping its current models fresh, announcing several updates to its 2012 lineup at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show. In addition to launching an all-new Exige, Lotus is revising its four-seat Evora sports car with adding a new transmission and a high-performance model.

The biggest news for the 2012 Evora is the sport-tuned GTE model. The Evora GTE was originally intended as a limited-edition model for Asian markets but will instead be sold globally due to high demand. Featuring an automated manual transmission, lightweight center-locking alloy wheels, Recaro bucket seats and Pirelli P-Zero tires, the Evora GTE will shed more than 200 pounds to become a track-friendly monster - and at 440 horsepower, it will also be the most powerful Lotus ever sold.

"To celebrate our successful return to Le Mans this year, we created the ultimate road car racer," said Lotus chief executive Danny Bahar. "People get so excited when they see and especially hear it for the first time. It's a very special car and will appeal to a very special type of driver - and they won't be disappointed."

2012 also marks the addition of an automatic transmission to the sporty Evora S model. Already available on the base-level Evora, the automaker's 6-speed Intelligent Precision Shift automatic features paddle shifters, allowing drivers to select gears, or a fully automatic mode that lets the transmission to do the shifting.

"We're really proud of the IPS option for the Evora S," added Bahar. "Nothing has been compromised in the development of this model. It's a true Lotus through and through with a great drive experience enhanced through the integration of superior technology and typically dynamic Lotus engineering."


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