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Whether you're traveling solo or bringing everyone along, find the perfect car to make your road trip fun, safe and hassle free.

8 Comfortable Road Trip Cars

When summer rolls around, thoughts of Cannonball Run and National Lampoon's Vacation remind us how adventurous, entertaining and memorable a road trip can be. Pack some suitcases, snacks and music: here are eight vehicles that will get you on the road again. Read more

Road Trip Updates

The 10-Minute Road Trip Car Checkup

Going on a road trip? Take this 10-minute checkup from the Car Care Council. Read more
7 Seats that Take Comfort to a New Level

Driving shouldn't be a pain in the neck, literally. If comfort is a factor in your next purchase, one of these models may be your back's best bet. Read more
Here Comes the Sun: 5 Great Family Convertibles

Get ready for spring and summer road trips in one of these family-friendly (i.e. safe and roomy) convertibles. Read more
10 Family-Friendly Features Moms Love

Family car-time is at an all-time high. This list of family-friendly features can help make life on the road a little more enjoyable. Read more
5 Cool Car Gadgets for Dad

Some of today's best car gadgets are safety enhancements that bring peace of mind when hauling the family around. Read more
Puppy Love: Top Five Cars for Dog Lovers

If you're the type to drop everything for your dog, this list of dog-friendly cars may be for you. Read more
The Most Memorable Road Trip Movie Cars

Vacation time is here so get your road trip movies rented and hit the tarmac with the best wacky cars and characters of yesteryear. Read more

Road Trip News & Reviews

Suzuki Kizashi Road Trip Continues – This Time, Chicago to New York

Suzuki Kizashi shines on road trip: Chicago to NY Auto Show. Read more

Date: May 3, 2011
Road Trip! Green Getaway to South by Southwest: Headed Home in a Touareg TDI

The trip back to Atlanta in a Touareg diesel proves that hybrids aren’t always the greenest option. Read more

Date: March 23, 2011
Road Trip! Green Getaway to South by Southwest: Catch a Chevy

Chevrolet makes SXSW convenient and fun with a fleet of its green cars. Read more

Date: March 22, 2011
SXSW Road Trip: Hybrid SUVs from VW and Lexus Compete

The drive to Austin for SXSW proves that being green doesn't mean that you can't have fun. Read more

Date: March 18, 2011
Suzuki Kizashi Detroit to Chicago – The Back Way

We took the scenic route to find out how Suzuki's "Hard Way" Kizashi has fared after thousands of miles of abuse. Read more

Date: February 10, 2011
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