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Automakers Are Reviving Long-Dormant Models Like Never Before

It's not unheard of for automakers to revive old names, though it sure seems like they're doing it a lot right now.

Acura Trademarks Integra Type S, But Will it be For a Car?

Acura recently filed a trademark, but the category isn't for a car.

Acura to Revive Long-Dormant Integra Name for New Entry-Level Model

An Integra will once again mark the entrance to the Acura lineup, and it's set to be a sporty option.

Memory Lane: Acura’s Type S Is Back and Here’s Where It Started

Acura's history is punctuated by interesting vehicles, from the 5-cylinder Vigor to the first-generation NSX.

Autotrader Find: Acura Integra Type R for $12,999

Though it wears a JDM nose, this is one of just 3,823 Integra Type Rs to be sold new in the United States

Here Are 10 Ways to Buy Someone Else’s Project Car

Here are 10 options if you want to take on someone else's project.

5 Awesome Sport Compact Cars You Can Only Find Used

Here are five cool sport compact cars that no longer exist as new models.

Where Are They Now: 1990s Tuner Company Edition

Remember companies like Neuspeed, Apexi, Veilside, GReddy, AEM and Enkei? Well, where are they now?

Video | Here’s Why the Acura Integra Type-R Is Shooting Up in Value

The Acura Integra Type-R was a special 1990s car -- and the market is starting to realize it.

Here Are 5 Cheap Used Cars That Would Make for a Smart Restoration Project

It's always good to be ahead of the curve.
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