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Here Are 5 Cheap Luxury Exotic Cars Listed For Sale on Autotrader

Looking for exotic cars that have a lot of luxury and a reasonable price? Here's your chance.

The Cheapest Aston Martin DB7 on Autotrader Is Just $21,000

Looking for a really cheap way into Aston ownership?

Video | I Fixed a $1,500 Aston Martin Part With Glue, and a Delorean Progress Report!

My mechanic, the Car Wizard, is certainly my valentine this year.

Video | Here’s Everything That’s Broken on My Cheap Aston Martin DB7

A full mechanical inspection on my $25,007 Aston gave my mechanic a Goldfinger.

Video | I Bought the Cheapest Aston Martin in the USA

I spent $25,007 for a supercharged, manual transmission, British Racing Green, rebadged Jaguar.

Here Are the Cheapest, Formerly Great Used Luxury Cars For Sale on Autotrader

These cars were once icons -- and now you can get them cheap.

Autotrader Find: Paul Allen’s Aston Martin DB7 With 1,500 Miles

The Microsoft co-founder reportedly owned -- but barely drove -- this 1997 Aston Martin.

The Cheapest Aston Martin on Autotrader Is Just $18,500

Want an Aston Martin for the price of a used Corolla?

Autotrader Find: Ultra-Rare Aston Martin DB AR1

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. It's also for sale. For $348,900.

Autotrader’s Biggest Depreciation: 6 Cheap Cars That Were Once Really Expensive

These high-end cars were once a lot higher-end than they are now.
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