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Three U.S. Senators Call For Mandated Driver-Monitoring Tech

Three Democratic senators are introducing legislation requiring monitors that track driver awareness in cars that allow hands-off driving.

Toyota Buys Lyft’s Self-Driving Car Division

Toyota will pay $550 million for the division developing self-driving technology for Lyft.

This Bipartisan Push May Help Make Self-Driving Cars a Thing of the Near(er) Future

Automakers and software developers may soon get far more permits to test autonomous cars.

NHTSA to Begin Regulating Autonomous Safety Features, Wants Your Input

The NHTSA has announced that it intends to write regulations for the vehicles soon.

What Is Hyundai Remote Smart Parking Assist?

What is Hyundai's Remote Smart Park Assist? Autotrader has the answer.

Self-Driving Cars: Some Semiautonomous Systems Carmakers Offer Today

Several carmakers have semiautonomous systems featuring several self-driving/safety technologies. Here are a few names they go by.

Self-Driving Cars: Honda Remains on Track for Level 3 by 2020

Honda remains on track for a Level 3 self-driving car by 2020.

Car Enthusiasts Shouldn’t Hate Self-Driving Cars

The idea of self-driving cars provokes a lot of hate from car enthusiasts -- but it shouldn't.

Should You Get Your Oil Change at a Dealership?

An oil change is a simple procedure -- so do you have to go to a dealership for it? Here's our take.

Automated Driving Is the Boring, Convenient Future of the Car

Oversteer's Sam Keller explores autonomous vehicle concepts at the Detroit Auto Show.
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