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5 Unexpectedly Low-Mile Cars on Autotrader

Using the Autotrader Advanced Search, we set parameters of under 30,000 miles and a pre-1995 model year.

Autotrader Find: Someone Really Cherished This 327,000-Mile 1988 BMW 325iX

This restored all-wheel-drive BMW E30 has a ton of miles but might be the best one in the world.

Baur and Karmann Were Germany’s Independent Convertible Coachbuilders

Here's a little history on these companies and the vehicles they produced.

BMW 325iX: BMW’s Little Known All-Wheel Drive Beginnings

You know all about BMW's all-wheel-drive models now -- and their SUVs. But did you know about the first AWD BMW?

I Really Want an E36 BMW 3 Series Touring

The E36 BMW 3 Series wagon is the beautiful hatchback that nobody seems to remember -- except me.

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