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8 Great Used Coupes Under $20,000 for 2019

From muscle cars to luxury cars, there are some great used coupes for under $20,000 right now.

2016 BMW 4 Series: New Car Review

The 2016 BMW 4 Series premium coupe and convertible offer great driving, features and tech.

2015 Lexus RC vs. 2015 BMW 4 Series: Which Is Better?

We're comparing the Lexus RC and the BMW 4 Series for drivers interested in a sporty new luxury car.

2015 BMW 4 Series: New Car Review

Taking value into account, the 2015 BMW 4 Series might be the best all-around 2-door car in the world. We explain why it's such a legend.

2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe: Real World Review

The new 2014 BMW 4 Series replaces the former 3 Series 2-door lineup. After a week driving the coupe, we tell you how it stacks up.

2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible: Real World Review

The new 2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible replaces the previous 3 Series. We take the 435i for a ride on sun-drenched mountain roads.

2014 BMW 4 Series: New Car Review

They may not be called "3 Series" anymore, but the luxuriously sporty 2014 BMW 4 Series coupe and convertible are chips off the old block.
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