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5 Car Redesigns That Totally Flopped When New But Are Bargains Today

Car redesigns are not like movie sequels. The follow-up usually improves upon the original, often immeasurably better in every possible way

5 Ridiculously Cheap V12 Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Depreciation is scary with these luxury sedans.

Here’s Why You Should Never Ever Buy a Cheap Used BMW 7 Series

My friend and I both have had enough of our flagship sedans.

Video| My Cheap BMW 760Li Failed on Its First Road Trip

BMW invented "limp home mode" 30 years ago, and I just had the pleasure of experiencing it 400 miles from home.

Video | Here’s Why This Used $8,000 BMW 7 Series Is More Luxurious than a Rolls-Royce Phantom

I'm liking my cheap Bangle-butted Beemer enough to consider selling the ultimate luxury sedan.

7 Great Used Luxury Cars Under $20,000 for 2020

These modern luxury cars will make your neighbors think you spent more than you did.

Video | I Bought a Cheap V12 BMW 760Li Because I Never Learn From My Mistakes

Strangely, this complicated V12 flagship model might finally be the car that breaks my bargain BMW buying curse.

2015 vs. 2016 BMW 7 Series: What’s the Difference?

We're explaining the key differences between the brand-new 2016 BMW 7 Series and the outgoing 2015 model.

2015 BMW 7 Series: New Car Review

The 2015 BMW 7 Series isn't the newest executive-class sedan, but BMW has kept it fresh with many updates, including a diesel motor.

2014 BMW 7 Series: New Car Review

The 2014 BMW 7 Series gets fresh updates this year, and it was already a fantastic luxury car. Is this the best sedan in the world?
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