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The BMW i3 Was a Revolutionary EV Worth Remembering, Even Though (Almost) Nobody Bought It

The car that may go down as its biggest long-term disruptor is now going out of production: the quirky BMW i3 electric car.

5 Cars With Rear-Hinged Back Doors on Autotrader

Safety standards made it difficult for automakers to achieve high crashworthiness without a solid central pillar. That's no longer the case.

BMW to Discontinue Groundbreaking, Controversial i3 Electric Car

A BMW representative confirmed to Autotrader that the last U.S. i3 will be built in July.

2021 BMW i3 Review

As a fashion statement, the 2021 BMW i3 is arguably the leader among compact electric vehicles.

Here Are 5 Incredible Deals on Used Electric Cars Currently For Sale On Autotrader

Cost of entry is no longer a barrier with electric cars, thanks to some wonderful depreciation.

2020 BMW i3 Review

The 2020 BMW i3 electric premium compact hatchback has a range of 153 miles. Far from class-leading, but this is still a remarkable vehicle.

8 Great Used Luxury Cars Under $30,000 for 2020

Get a luxury car bargain for less than a new Impala.

Used BMW i3 Models Are Insane Deals

If you're looking for a total bargain, consider a used BMW i3.

6 Great CPO Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Under $25,000 for 2019

Get the peace of mind of a warranty without the sticker price of a new model with these green CPO bargains.

6 Great Used Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Under $20,000 for 2019

Kiss the gas pump goodbye with these electrified bargains.
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