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10 Best Used Sports Cars Under $30,000

Here's a look at 10 great ways to spend under $30,000 -- and in some cases way under $30,000 -- on a zippy, quick sports car.

Sometimes, the Drive to Cars and Coffee Event Can Be More Enjoyable Than the Show

Country roads in a BMW E92 M3 on my way to a Cars and Coffee event -- nothing beats it.

4 Retractable Hardtop Convertibles for Every Season

Winter blues got you down? How about a convertible with a folding metal roof!

I Paid Off My BMW E92 M3, Time to See How Well It Held Its Value

Time to run the numbers on my BMW E92 M3.

Here Are 5 Cool Collectible BMWs for Sale on Autotrader

BMWs are becoming more desirable -- and here are five great examples of sought-after older models.

Here’s Why the BMW M3 E92 Was the Craziest BMW M3

Remember when BMW put a V8 in the M3?

Here Are the Most Fun Cars Under $10,000 for Sale on Autotrader

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a fun car.

Here Are 5 Great 1980s Performance Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Looking for a fun 1980s car? Look no further.

Video | After 3 Years of Ownership, Here Are 5 Things I Hate About My BMW E92 M3

A showcase of the things that annoy me about my M3.

5 Cool Luxury Convertibles Under $20,000

Here are a few cool luxury convertibles under $20,000 -- just in time for summer!
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