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2022 BMW 5 Series: Choosing the Right Trim

Returning for 2022 with only a few changes, the 2022 BMW 5 Series holds its position as a class-leading sport sedan.

These Are The Highest-Mile 10- and 12-Cylinder Cars on Autotrader

These big-engine models are super rare and have power to spare.

This Executive Sedan is Now BMW’s Fastest Vehicle

Meet the 2022 M5 CS, BMW's most powerful and fastest production car.

6 Practical Family Cars With a Manual Transmission on Autotrader

Looking to row your own gears while shuttling the family around? Check out these great family cars with manual transmissions available right now on Autotrader.

6 Modern Luxury Sport Sedans on Autotrader Under $30,000

An outstanding roster of sport sedans from the past decade or so has resulted in a treasure trove for used car shoppers looking for...

5 Manual-Transmission Wagons for Sale on Autotrader

From thrifty commuter to track slayer, these stick-shifted wagons offer something for every car enthusiast.

5 V10 Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Better than 8, but not as good as 12, the 10-cylinder engine is a rare breed.

Here Are 5 Cool Collectible BMWs for Sale on Autotrader

BMWs are becoming more desirable -- and here are five great examples of sought-after older models.

A Certified Pre-Owned BMW M5 Is the Same Price as a 3 Series

For 3 Series money, you could get a lot more car.

Pick Up an E39 BMW M5 for Cheap While You Still Can

The E39 BMW M5 is going up in value -- and you can get one for cheap.
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