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Autotrader Find: Ferrari 250 Replica Based on a BMW Z3

Our latest Autotrader Find: Ferrari 250 Replica Based on a BMW Z3

4 German Roadsters From the ’90s That Are Bargains Now

These roadsters were the things to have 20 years ago.

The BMW Z3 Coupe Is a Forgotten Fun Hatchback

Everyone remembers the BMW Z3 M Coupe, but few remember its slightly less exciting (and way cheaper) sibling.

The BMW Z3 2.3 Didn’t Have a 2.3-Liter Engine

The Z3 2.3 was a rare instance of an automaker saying a car had a smaller engine than it actually did.

Here Are Some Fun Cars You Can Buy on Autotrader for Less Than $5,000

You don't have to spend big money to get something exciting.

Autotrader Find: 2000 BMW Z3 Signed By Hundreds of Baseball Players

This 2000 BMW Z3 has been signed by nearly 650 different baseball players and managers -- and now it's for sale.

The BMW Clownshoe Is Absolutely a Future Classic

The Z3 Coupe was one of the best cars BMW ever made -- and one of the most distinctive.

6 Incredibly Low-Mileage Older Cars on Autotrader

I'm not sure why these six cars have such low mileage -- but they do. And you can buy them on Autotrader.

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