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Autotrader Find: 1987 Chevy C30 “Desert Fox”

Today's Autotrader Find is a classic Chevy heavy-duty truck with a GMC Desert Fox appearance.

Autotrader Find: Al Unser’s 1987 Chevrolet C3500

This Autotrader Find is a 1987 Chevrolet C3500.

Autotrader Find: 1984 Chevrolet C/K Based M1008 CUCV

Looking for a used truck that really earns its stripes? Check out this Autotrader Find

Autotrader Find: 725-Mile 1990 Chevrolet C1500 454 SS Pickup

The first-year Chevy C1500 454 SS laid the groundwork for future performance trucks.

Here Are 5 Collectible Pickup Trucks For Sale on Autotrader

Trucks are jumping in value, and these five trucks are proof.

Autotrader Find: Pristine Yellow 1985 Chevy Pickup

Older pickups are becoming a hot item -- and this is an excellent example.

When Diesel Was Dreadful: the General Motors 6.2

A look back at GM's 6.2-liter diesel V8 -- an engine that should have faded into history, but hasn't.

Autotrader Find: Crazy Chevy Pickup With Ridiculous Modifications

Want a Chevy Pickup with a bed that lifts up 10 feet in the air? Here you go!

8 Cars the Villain Would Drive in a Scary Movie

In honor of Halloween, here are eight cars a villain would drive in a scary movie.

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