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6 Cool Wagons in Interesting Colors on Autotrader

Two things that car enthusiasts love are wagons and weird colors.

Autotrader Find: Ultra-Rare 2009 Chevy HHR SS Panel

Want a really, really fast delivery vehicle?

Six Well-Kept Secrets in Used Performance Cars

These are all more fun to drive than they look.

Here Are 5 Cheap Retro Cars For Sale on Autotrader

If you're looking for a retro car, you can now get one cheaper than ever.

7 Good Used Chevrolets Under $5,000 for 2019

You don't need a lot of dough to get a great used Chevy.

The Chevy HHR SS Panel Is One of the Weirdest Ultra-Rare Cars

Only car geeks know the Chevy HHR SS Panel. And that's because it's really weird.

Autotrader Find: 2006 Chevy HHR With Scissor Doors

Here's how to make sure your HHR is way cooler than everyone else's.

5 Retro Cars That Don’t Quite Capture Their Old Glory

Many retro cars don't quite live up to the past. For example...

Autotrader Find: Chevrolet HHR SS With a Manual Transmission

Looking for a retro-styled hatchback with SUV-like dimensions and a stick shift? Of course not. No one is. And yet ... here you go.
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