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Here Are My Favorite Old Station Wagons for Sale on Autotrader

Looking for a cool old station wagon? We've got you covered.

Video | Will My Chrysler LeBaron Start After Being Buried Alive?

Exhuming the car from its grave did just as much damage as burying it.

Video | I Buried My 1983 Chrysler Lebaron

Since it's proven impossible to sell my basket case, rusted-out mess of a car, I decided to get creative.

I Took My Wooded Chrysler Products to CarMax for an Appraisal

It's time to say goodbye to my Dodge Caravan, so I decided to see what CarMax thinks it's worth -- and I brought my Chrysler LeBaron, too.

I Bought the Ugliest Car in the USA — And It Talks!

No, it's not a Transformer -- unless you count the fact that it's transforming into a ball of rust.

The Chrysler LeBaron Convertible that Tried to Kill Me

I've driven plenty of bad cars, but this one was by far the worse.

The Chrysler Phantom Was the Phantom Before the Rolls-Royce Phantom

When I say "Phantom," you probably don't think Chrysler. But maybe you should.

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