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7 Most Interesting Cars Under $1,000 on Autotrader

You don't have to break the bank to find a car worth driving -- for a while, anyway.

Dead Marque Spotlight: Daewoo

Next in our series on discontinued American automotive manufacturers, we’ll be taking a look at the defunct Korean automaker, Daewoo.

Somehow, There Are 6 Daewoo Models for Sale on Autotrader

You can find the most random vehicles on Autotrader.

This Is the Nicest Daewoo Left on Autotrader

Unbelievably, there are ten Daewoo models still for sale on Autotrader. This is the nicest of them.

Daewoo: Three Strikes, You’re Out

A look back at Daewoo's attempt to storm American beaches with the Lanos, the Nubira and the Leganza.

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