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5 Discontinued Cars That Should Come Back as EVs

Hummer’s return got me thinking about what other discontinued cars would be cool to see come back in the form of an EV.

Autotrader Find: 1983 DeLorean DMC-12 with 1,200 Miles

The DMC-12 was also known as the DMC DeLorean.

Video | Here’s Why You Should Never Buy a Cheap Broken DeLorean

I spent way too much on this glorified hunk of gull-winged stainless steel.

5 Cars to Bring to Radwood

Want to rule the roost at your next Radwood event but don't have unlimited funds? These five cars are sure to bring home the prize!

Autotrader Find: Bright Red DeLorean with 1,700 Miles

Have you ever seen a DeLorean painted red?

Video | Here’s Everything That’s Broken on My Cheap DeLorean

The list of issues is way too long, but there is some hope.

I Bought the Cheapest DeLorean in the US by Mistake

I managed to find another project I didn't need or want, but at an irresistible price.

Video | Bricklin vs. DeLorean: The Comparison Test That Nobody Asked For

Of course, we lined them up for a drag race. It wasn't pretty ...

6 Great Movie Cars and their Real-Life Counterparts You Can Buy on Autotrader

We're showing you the real-life versions of six popular movie cars you can buy today (without being a movie star).
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