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6 Unlikely Dodge R/T Cars For Sale on Autotrader

The Dodge R/T moniker has been thrown around a little carelessly in the recent past.

5 Cars Under $500 For Sale on Autotrader

A lot of these cars come with extremely high miles, body damage or both.

I Saw the Nicest 1990s Dodge Caravan in Existence

I'm almost surprised there's one left that looks this good.

Here Are 11 Enthusiast Cars for Snowy Climates

It can be hard to be a car enthusiast in the extreme cold. Here are a few options.

I Took My Wooded Chrysler Products to CarMax for an Appraisal

It's time to say goodbye to my Dodge Caravan, so I decided to see what CarMax thinks it's worth -- and I brought my Chrysler LeBaron, too.

Boldly Going Where No Minivan Has Gone Before

Well...not really. But I did drive my 1991 Dodge Caravan AWD to Colorado -- and I completed a test run on a mountain trail.

I Went Mudding in My Winter Beater Dodge Caravan

With no winter weather to speak of, I test my newly completed Mighty-Van in some muddy terrain.

Introducing My Winter Beater: 1991 Dodge Caravan AWD Woody With Just 49,000 Miles!

In search of a winter beater, I bought a low-mileage 1991 Dodge Caravan AWD -- and I have big plans for it.

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