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Video | Here’s Why My Cheap Ferrari 348 Is the Best Ferrari I’ve Ever Driven

I feel like most car enthusiasts that dismiss the Ferrari 348 have never given it a chance.

Video | My Cheap Ferrari 348 Gets the Most Expensive Exhaust

I put the cherry on top of my cheap Ferrari 348 -- except, unlike most sundae toppings, this cherry wasn't cheap.

My Ferrari Almost Caught Fire Again and Other Car Issues

My mechanic saved me from another disaster.

Here’s Why the Ferrari 348 Is Better Than You Think

I recently drove a Ferrari 348, which doesn't deserve to be the scorned black sheep of the Ferrari family.

The Cheapest Ferrari on Autotrader Costs $20,000

This new listing is the single cheapest Ferrari on Autotrader: a 348 with a whopping 94,000 miles.

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