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Video | The Ferrari 599 GTO Is an Ultra-Rare $550,000 Ferrari

The Ferrari 599 GTO is amazing -- and really, really expensive.

These Are the Most Expensive Ferrari Models for Sale on Autotrader

We all know Ferraris are expensive -- but these are especially pricey.

These Are the Coolest V12 Ferrari Models For Sale on Autotrader

All V12-powered Ferrari models are cool. These six are just a little cooler.

Here Are 5 Recent Exotic Cars That Have Gone up in Value

Some exotic cars depreciate -- and others shoot up in value. Here are five recent models that have gained in value.

These Are the Most Expensive Ferrari Models Listed For Sale on Autotrader

Some Ferraris are very, very, very, very, very, very expensive. You may already know this. Now you know it even more.

Here Are the Most Expensive Cars on Autotrader

These are the most insane vehicles on Autotrader, with an average asking price of $1 million.

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO: Overview

The limited-production 599 GTO model's intense performance was true to Ferrari's famed GTO moniker.

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